Cosplay Closet Reorganization!

Hello blog! Long time no post.

Seeing as how I have more free time nowadays, I thought I’d spend it reorganizing my craft/cosplay space.  It’s been looking pretty battered (as seen in the video) so I decided to do some major clean up and thought you guys might want to see what my new work space looks like. So here it goes!


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Asami 2

Modern!Asami Sato (Part One)

Modern!Asami Sato from Legend of Korra

Assembled outfit, handmade glove.

I decided to forgo making the in-series outfit because I didn’t want to rush and have a really terribly made costume. Instead I opted to make her equalist glove, wear her makeup, and use a half-wig for the hair.

Although I wasn’t very recognizable as Asami, some people did notice who I was and complimented me on the glove (despite it looking pretty shoddy up close). I’m pretty sure without it that I’d have been wholly unrecognizable.

I honestly love Asami to death, but I really wish she had a greater role in season 2. Maybe season 3 will feature her more– fingers crossed!

Worn at Anime Los Angeles 2014 (Friday).


Review: Dolly+ Red Circle Lenses from HoneyColor.com

For my Rin cosplay I’ll be doing for Anime LA this year, I thought I’d get my first ever pair of red lenses! I was hesitant at first, considering how bold red is, especially for an eye color, but I wanted to be as accurate as I could and so it happened. Here’s some basic information about these particular lenses:

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My Year in Cosplay 2013

Hello readers! I wanted to reflect on what I’ve done cosplay wise this past year so that in future years, I can look back on what I’ve done and how I have changed and (hopefully) improved.

The first costume I finished this year was Fem! Death the Kid from Soul Eater which was worn at Anime LA 2013.



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Tiger & Bunny

Barnaby Brooks Jr. from Tiger & Bunny.

ChibiSyndrome and I watched this together at Anime Expo of 2012 and we enjoyed it a lot, and so we planned on cosplaying the duo together for Anime Expo 2013. Interestingly enough, I think our personalities are actually the opposite from the characters we cosplayed as, but seeing as I already had a blonde wig, it just turned out that way.

Both of our cosplays were assembled and customized (a tutorial on how I added the white details on Barnaby’s jacket can be found on my youtube).

Taken at Anime Expo 2013 by Kebussy on dA.


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